Talking about Legian without touching on the beach subject is out of question. Legian has gorgeous bech with stunningly beautiful sunset as well as ample beach activities. Legian Beach is just 20-minute drive from the airport and close to the street that is well connected to the main road network of the island.

At Legian Beach, you can hire boogie boards or surfboards to enjoy the surf; there are also surfing lessons from the Surf School based at Blue Ocean beach. Almost every evening at about 5PM a game of beach football begins right in front of de ja vu on Blue Ocean Beach. Visitors are normally welcomed if they want to join in. On Saturday and Sunday evenings the beach is packed with tourists, expats, locals and motorbikes, with fire pois and musicians jamming on the beach.

There are many beach front cafes where you can relax, enjoy the beach and sunset with cocktail in hand. Be in position by about 5.30PM for one of the world’s best sunset.

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