Staying safe in Legian is simple and easy , here are some advices on how to stay safe, all you need to do is take heed, have fun, but be sensible.

Drugs are a big “No” in Legian and should be avoided. Punishments for possession are harsh and there have been a number of arrests of tourists over the years. Beware of unsavoury touts offering drugs often after initially offering transport. These “dealers” are often working with the police in order to get small payouts for arrests. Say “no” and walk away.

Legian has its share of touts and scammers. Be careful with the deals that are too good to be true. When walking alone especially down on Jl Legian you will be hassled by touts offering transport on motorbikes. Generally this is harmless and can be used as a means of getting around, although the shear volume of touts offering transport can be an annoyance. Remember to stay calm and don’t be pressured into buying anything you don’t want.

Drunk driving at night should be avoided, there are big potholes in the streets, so be very aware of road safety after dark.

Always watch your belongings at Legian beach, better yet do not bring your valuables to the beach if you intend to swim or surf. And when you swim, always swim between the red and yellow flags, where the lifeguards have deemed it safest. Do not swim out too far as the waves and currents here are stronger than you might expect and change very rapidly.

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